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Embroidery Neckline Designs Library

This machine embroidery neckline designs library for use long airline kameez Especially as we Eid festival aiming for young girls have prepared long airline shirt or frock. It is also designed elegant neck. All neck design mention here to download for free. Just click on the link provided following Download

   Design Name: neck(a)300(1)
   Version: 2.0B
   Machine: Tajima
   Stitches: 153318
   Color Changes: 13
   Colors: 4
   Stops: 14
   Trims: 34
   Objects: 1824
   Total Thread: 1265.37 m
   Total Bobbin: 567.25 m
   Jump Length: 7.00 mm
   Max Stitch Length: 12.00 mm
   Min Stitch Length: 0.23 mm

Here with exquisite embroidery and delicate neck designs for salwar kameez can see. We also take on a look at this thread and the color combination so unusual collection of awesome combination of flowers and shape was created.

  Design Name: neck(a)300(5)
  Version: 2.0B
  Machine: Tajima
  Stitches: 135537
  Color Changes: 75
  Colors: 4
  Stops: 76
  Trims: 189
  Objects: 2596
  Total Thread: 846.70 m
  Total Bobbin: 336.55 m
  Jump Length: 7.00 mm
  Max Stitch Length: 11.90 mm
  Min Stitch Length: 0.01 mm


This neck embroidery design with back bunch for salwar kameez and ladies long airline frock nice and attractive color combination

       Design Name: neck(a)300(6)
       Version: 2.0B
       Machine: Tajima
       Stitches: 275042
       Color Changes: 62
       Colors: 3
       Stops: 63
       Trims: 143
       Objects: 3336
       Total Thread: 1576.70 m
       Total Bobbin: 604.57 m
       Jump Length: 7.30 mm
       Max Stitch Length: 11.70 mm
       Min Stitch Length: 0.18 mm


This design our unique creation what a lovely design for our library

     Design Name: neck(a)300(7)
     Version: 2.0B
     Machine: Tajima
     Stitches: 114239
     Color Changes: 14
     Colors: 3
     Stops: 15
     Trims: 39
     Objects: 2390
     Total Thread: 583.54 m
     Total Bobbin: 209.46 m
     Jump Length: 7.60 mm
     Max Stitch Length: 11.80 mm
     Min Stitch Length: 0.02 mm

Simple Neck(gala) Machine Embroidery Designs Library

 We must look more attractive shaded stitching effect in the designer suit, and really long neck designs.we V display so well with the shape of a simple neck (Gala)  for shirt.The salwar kameez embroidery library designer for the present you can just as you like it even more effective and valuable to use this neck (gala) design

      Design Name: neck(a)300(4)
      Version: 2.0B
      Machine: Tajima
      Stitches: 212487
      Color Changes: 103
      Colors: 5
      Stops: 104
      Trims: 133
      Objects: 3770
      Total Thread: 1231.73 m
      Total Bobbin: 471.86 m
      Jump Length: 7.20 mm
      Max Stitch Length: 11.50 mm
      Min Stitch Length: 0.01 mm


This embroidery neck designs simple and V shape ,it's use salwar kameez and Pakistani Kurtis

     Design Name: neck(a)300(2)
     Version: 2.0B
     Machine: Tajima
     Stitches: 120511
     Color Changes: 32
     Colors: 5
     Stops: 33
     Trims: 132
     Objects: 2697
     Total Thread: 860.23 m
     Total Bobbin: 364.92 m
     Jump Length: 7.00 mm
     Max Stitch Length: 10.60 mm
     Min Stitch Length: 0.05 mm

This design our embroidery library neck long for salwar kameez and long shirt kurti .it's very nice and attractive neck embroidery design

   Design Name: neck(a)300(3)
   Version: 2.0B
   Machine: Tajima
   Stitches: 91952
   Color Changes: 20
   Colors: 3
   Stops: 21
   Trims: 43
   Objects: 949
   Total Thread: 755.95 m
   Total Bobbin: 337.69 m
   Jump Length: 7.10 mm
   Max Stitch Length: 12.10 mm
   Min Stitch Length: 0.01 mm

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