Neck Free Machine Embroidery Designs For Anarkali Frocks Vol-1

Machine Embroidery Neckline and Daman Border for Anarkali Suits


This neck (gala) machine embroidery is very beautiful and charming embroidery stitch you can get in different style, for example, Anarkali frock, umbrella type frock and used women's suits wedding suit and ceremony suit to wear on special occasions Girls. It is used in embroidery thread of different colors. This half neckline body embroidery plus daman border is very beautiful, your neck like embroidery work extra hand stonework, sequins and can make it zri work.
you can free download emb file
Complete detail this designs 

Design Name: anrkali300 (1)
Version: 2.0B
Machine: Tajima
Stitches: 112288
Color Changes: 42
 Colors: 3
Stops: 43
Trims: 77
Objects: 3054
Total Thread: 734.95 m
anarkali frock and umbrella frock

This half round neckline with back and border embroidered machine design is very beautiful design for the girls. Embroidered neckline design Anarkali frock with umbrella frock and a cultural outfit can appear and make it look much more charming embroidery. You also attraction with embroidery design Machine embroidery design of the neckline can view embellishments that in 2015

Complete detail this neckline embroidery 

Design Name: anrkali300 (14)
Version: 2.0B
Machine: Tajima
Stitches: 224046
Color Changes: 24
Colors: 3
Stops: 25
Trims: 139
Objects: 5090

Total Thread: 1356.16 m
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