Thursday, 17 December 2015

Best Embroidery Designs Of Popular Designer Of Dresses vol-1

Embroidery Designs Of Popular Brand|Designer Threads and Motifs

Pakistan on the latest fashion trends to bring forward innovative and creative ideas for the world-famous fashion designers in the fashion industry. Thread and motifs like the fashion brands presented their latest collections from the fashion and culture of Pakistan are paid a role in promoting and demanding work with the embroidery industry
Best embroidery designs of  popular designer of dresses, embroidered salwar kameez associated with the design, you may be suitable for women. That can enhance the beauty of embroidery and adorned with various lace work can be configured for use with. This embroidered winter and summer clothes can use.

Designs information:
Design Name: 300-040
Version: 2006.0Z
Machine: Tajima
Stitches: 425544
Color Changes: 68
 Colors: 5
Stops: 69
Trims: 387
Objects: 41128
Total Thread: 2264.45 m

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Designs information:
Design Name: 300-041
Version: 2.0B
Machine: Tajima
Stitches: 86870
Color Changes: 0
Colors: 1
Stops: 1
Trims: 19
Objects: 583
Total Thread: 715.58 m

DOWNLOAD click here emb.file

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