Tawakkal Fabric Designer Embroidery For Salwar Kameez Vol-2

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Tawakkal Fabric Designer Embroidery
In Pakistan, thousands of popular brands and designers, but I am placing in service a brand embroidery. I hope that this embroidery is chosen you will definitely like.
Trust one of the leading clothing and Pakistan rapidly popular fashion brands/designers to achieve and within yet to be named Tawakkal Fabric. Stylish design of embroidery for traditional salwar kameez suits. This collection of the latest and in line with the latest fashion trends as designed.

The exquisite embroidered salwar kameez associated with the design, you may be suitable for women. You can configure it for use with embroidered and embellished with various lace works that can enhance the beauty. The winter and summer clothes embroidered above can use it.
Designs Information
Design Name: 300-043
Version: 2006.0Z
Machine: Tajima
Stitches: 346063
Color Changes: 62
Colors: 6
Stops: 63
Trims: 110
Objects: 2081
Total Thread: 2481.13 m
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Tawakkal Fabric Designer Embroidery

Design Information:
Design Name: 300-044
Version: 2006.0Z
Machine: Tajima
Stitches: 534314
Color Changes: 4
Colors: 4
Stops: 5
Trims: 83
Objects: 3649
Total Thread: 4306.22 m
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